Unit 507

The spacious living room area allows our guests dining at the bar and the table. The walls of floor-to-ceiling mirrors reflect the sunlight perfectly during the afternooon.  A new ceiling fan will circulate the breeze during those nice cool days.

The condo has a new queensize sofa bed situated in the living area.  This microfiber sofa and love seat are soft to the touch and very comfortable.

This balcony is perfect for getting a tan.  We have several lounge chair ready for your day in the sun.

The full bath has a private entrance from the bedroom.  It has a standard size tub and toilet.  New porcelain tile was recently installed in the bedroom and bathroom areas.

Looking off the balcony, you can see Club La Villa and Spinnakers right next door!

The kitchen houses all modern appliances, from the new stove to a full size fridge.  The kitchen has a disherwasher for those families that want to eat in!

For the convinence of our guest, a new full size washer/dryer unit was installed adjacent to the Kitchen area.

The plush king-size bed is great for getting some rest on your vacation.  Enjoy the new ceiling fan while you relax in front of the 25'' TV.

This half bath allows friends and family to get ready for a night out.  New linens and porcelain tile are just a few of the perks that are included in this condo.

The twin size bunk beds allow two guests to sleep in comfort.

For online booking and Availability, click on the availability calendar below.

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